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Exhibited in galleries in the South East, London and Brighton, my artwork is created using a range of different media; from paint and pencils to photography and digital tools. The collection below is available to purchase as prints, please click on images for more details. Only a limited selection is shown here, if you've seen a particular print elsewhere or wish to discuss bespoke work please phone or email.

All images copyright Julian Bourn

striking 'Lollipop Lips' print


the stunning landscape of 'Amidst the Silent Silver Birch'



erotic and elegant piece 'Velvet Nude'
the distinctive 'Blue Nymphettes'
the intimately erotic 'Valley Between Us'
contemporary styling in 'Midnight Decadence'


modern canvas art 'Windswept Blue'
modern canvas art 'Windswept Gold'



the richly organic 'Earth Ebb'
cool and otherworldly 'Lunar'
striking and different 'Reptilia'


unusual 'Twilight Nymph' graphic art
powerful and erotic 'Fervour'
trendy art print 'Winter Chill Lilies'
modern art print 'Fragmented'


the different branches cross and meet in 'Ethereal Tree'
nature shows striking beauty 'Sycamore Detail 1'
modern graphic art print 'Winter Hush'
bold dreams and a whisper of summer in 'Enchanted Dusk'
the richly organic 'Autumn Embers'
the organic and natural blanket of 'Sycamore'
unusual and beautiful 'Cracked Green'

Copyright © Julian Bourn, all rights reserved.