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I offer distinctive solutions to your design problems. From large to small-scale projects I recognise everyone’s looking for originality, each client is unique and my work is tailored accordingly - helping you stand out from the crowd and to the right audience.

With abilities in a variety of areas (illustration, photography, copywriting, etc.) I am advantageous for those who want all their creative answers in one place, particularly for small businesses and entrepreneurs with start-up projects. You'll find me easy to work with, able to innovate or adhere to your vision, while my services to past clients are wide ranging, they include:


Identity - Logos, Signage, Stationery, Branding.

Print - Brochures, Leaflets, Posters, Bespoke Cards.

More - Concept Design, Website Concepts/Graphics, Art Direction, Commissioned Art, Weddings,............................... Artist's Impressions, T-Shirt Design, Digital and Traditional Illustration, Exhibition Stands.




First and foremost I am interested in hearing what you have to say. This is where we sit down and you explain whatever you have in mind, whether it’s a definite vision or just a hazy idea. From there I can discuss creative concepts, evolve the project practically, give you an idea of the issues involved, then come back to you with a quote and schedule for the work (see bottom of page for a word on pricing).

I am happy to meet UK based clients when embarking on a project and throughout its various stages, but work can also be instigated and progressed by phone or online. I will email proofs, artwork and options during the process for your information. If appropriate, once the design work is complete I can source a range of printing solutions – from signage to stationery – or liaise with your preferred printers.







From unusual and eye-catching to sharp and corporate. You can have confidence in me to understand your business and create a logo that communicates who you are to your target demographic.

Please click on images to see more examples or return to list of services here >>>

eye-catching and unusual logo design





Original and distinctive signage that projects your image and draws attention is essential. My work does just that.

The example on the left shows signage for Revere Hair Salon, Billericay. The artwork was commissioned alongside the refurbishment of the building. I worked closely with the interior designer to provide a design that complimented the richly organic concept of the decor. This artwork was then implemented across the salon's stationery, promotional material and website. Click on image to see shots of signage in situ.

The design to the right is for The Swallowtail bar and restaurant at Burnham Marina. An enhanced original photograph, digitally repainted to show the name of the bar written into the sand. This was commissioned as a 'welcome' sign on entering the premises, together with over a dozen other pieces of artwork that make up a permanent exhibition on site. Click on image to see closeup detail or return to list of services here >>>

striking signage




Your company brand can be implemented across a range of stationery. Whether you want a complete complimenting package designed or simply a fresh new business card that will stand out against the competition, look no further.

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company identity - stationery




Identity is everything. I will work with you to develop a strong brand that is original, expressive and consistent. I can apply the essence of your brand across a range of media, creating a powerful, uniform message that endures.

The examples show work for Teatro Di Vita, from product boxes to manuals. The logos were subtley modeled on the lozenge shape of the products' key feature - the shaker itself. Please click on images to see more examples or return to list of services here >>>

distinctive branding and identity




Good brochure design engages and gives prospective customers the confidence to choose you above the competition. Along with the design, my copywriting, illustration, photography and retouching skills can all be utilised to present your services, products or portfolio of work in an impressive and creative way.

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modern brochure design




A highly targeted, cost effective solution. Leaflets can be a snapshot of your product/event/service, used to make a quick impact and present key points clearly. I will work with you to understand your objectives and help target the right strategy with my design. Leaflet design prices start from £50.

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creative leaflet design




Need an original image that grabs attention? I can combine tradtional art techniques with new media skills to showcase your product, service or event in any style and make an impact!

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bold and different poster design



Bespoke Cards

Event announcements, company Christmas cards, wedding invitations... I have created original designs in a variety of styles for both corporate and private needs.

The example far right was produced for a local insurance firm - an original pencil illustration showing the partners as 'singing Santas'. Please click on images to see more examples or return to list of services here >>>

unique cards for all occasions - invitations, events, congratulations, company Christmas cards etc.



Concept Design

Whatever you require ideas developed for; products, events, interiors... I can innovate, soundboard and produce results using sketches, digital 3D work, written proposals and more. Often as the initial stage of a project but also in a standalone capacity to help realise an enterprise.

The slideshow shows a successful technique I use, more cost effective than 3D modeling; photographic mockup. The client wished to see ideas for an economic revamp of their restaurant/bar, with the proviso that the concertina doors running along the right remain. I took a photograph of the site onto which different components and retouched elements were layered, allowing me to show various options. Return to list of services here >>>




Website Concepts/Graphics

I can produce any bespoke graphics you may require, formulate original site concepts and build image rich websites. Example sites below;


The images show snapshots from website concepts I have designed. The brief for Revere was to incorporate an animated Fibonacci pattern. The navigation menu graphics were worked up from a photo session I shot. Click on images to see a sequence of pages for the U Chimp site or return to list of services here >>>

website graphics and concepts



Art Direction

Whether required during stages of a project or in a standalone capacity, I can manage photoshoots, create sketches/storyboards to focus a concept or session, take existing artwork/themes/ideas and co-ordinate them. My skills in this area are personable yet precise thanks to a background working in a professional studio, as well as experience in directing events.

Please click on images to see further examples from this photoshoot or return to list of services here >>>

art direction



Commissioned Art

I have been commissioned to produce artwork for a number of venues in a range of styles. Combining photography, digital manipulation and tradtional art processes, I can create original and unique pieces tailored for a specific space.

These images show a series of prints produced for The Contented Sole fine dining fish restaurant. The pieces were created to be impressionistic on close inspection and printed on a reflective gloss surface causing any highlights to 'shimmer' like scales. Click images to see further selections from the range plus closeup of the scale style. Return to list of services here >>>

original commissioned art




From invitations to reception table idents, personalised gifts to photo montages of the bride and groom. Whatever your design needs, I can create, customize and coordinate to help make your day truly unique.

You can download a brochure which details my services along with artwork examples here >>> wedding brochure.pdf

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wedding art and design



Artist Impressions

Using architect's drawings, site photographs or simply imagination, I can produce artwork to visualise your project in a variety of styles.

Please click on images to see them enlarged together with examples of source documents used. Return to list of services here >>>



T-Shirt Design

Looking for original artwork? Or do you need your company design implemented across apparel? Just contact me to discuss your ideas.

The examples show designs created for various companies including U-Chimp, Spreadshirt and Farent designs. Please click on images to see more or return to list of services here >>>

trendy and cool t-shirt design



Digital and Traditional Illustration

Informational graphics, whimsical cartoons, expressive illustrations - nothing brings a subject to life like a dynamic image. I can work in different styles and blend processes to give you the best of digtal performance and that hand-crafted quality. Send your project my way and let's get it sorted!

The examples show a 3D computer rendered scene and a caricature illustrated by hand. Click on images to see more examples or return to list of services here >>>

traditional illustration meets digital illustration



Exhibition Stands

I have been commissioned to create eye-catching exhibition stands, from hand painted murals to 'Pop Up' displays.

The example far right shows a mural that was created for Hot Spring Spas. The concept was to have a hot tub stood at the base of the picture, surrounded by the mountain landscape. Please click on images to see further photos of stands in situ or return to list of services here >>>

impressive exhibtion stands




Asking a designer "How much for a logo?" is a bit like asking an estate agent "How much for a house?"

As mentioned above in Process, I have to understand your design needs before I can quote accurately. Every project is different and pricing will always depend on a client's individual requirements.

I appreciate the wide range of budgets available for different projects and I can often offer creative options to fit whatever costs you have in mind. As a guide, leaflet/flyer prices start from £50, please contact me to discuss your requirements.



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