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From starting by hand in a photographer's studio to contemporary digital methods, I've learnt this field is not about the tools or technology used, but rather the artistic ability to realise a client's vision. Whether its retouching commercial studio work, restoring treasured family photos, or creative solutions for elaborate image ideas, I can meet your needs. I take on a range of modest to complex projects and handle;

Retouching, Restoration, Creative Work and Composites.

More details and a few examples in each area follow, rollover images to view 'before' version. See bottom of page for a word on pricing.


Typically, commercial photography that requires some correction or reworking. This may involve removing blemishes or clothing creases, enhancing form, colour, etc. on anything from promo shots to wedding photos.

In example shown right, modifications include; lighting and colours, model's skin smoothed and blemishes removed, shoulder and chin reworked, hair tidied, lip gloss added.

Changes in the example right, include; lighting & colours, gold detail in background removed, product logo replaced, skin smoothed and blemishes removed, male model's trousers smoothed and veins on stomach removed, female model's hip reshaped, hair tidied.
photographic retouching

Image 'clipping' or 'masking', where the focus of a picture is isolated to produce a strong subject on a clean background, is a standard retouching practise, often used on product shots and catalogue work. Using a combination of skills I can produce vivid, clear images for you.


image 'clipping' or 'masking'



Important family photographs or artwork you wish restored, typically requiring major work. Whether having suffered sunlight or water damage, cracks or tears, scratches or even whole areas missing, almost anything can be repaired with digital tools and the skill to recreate what has been erased over the years.

Size, colour, content and damage can all be manipulated and corrected. This example shows how missing areas or obscured details must sometimes be recreated from scratch, a task that requires an artist's imagination as well as a retoucher's ability.

photographic restoration




The example, right, shows how unsightly 'aging spots' and discolouration appearing right across a photo's subject can still be repaired.


photo restoration


Once restored, a popular option is to have your treasured photos compiled as a 'Montage' and printed as a single piece of artwork. I provide this in a variety of styles, from classic (right) to grungy contemporary.

photo montage


Creative Work

Any kind of specialist manipulation you need performed on an image. Backgrounds can be distorted or replaced, detailed extra elements can be added in, even weather can be changed... the only limit is imagination.

This image was produced for a company who wanted their latest project to appear on their annual greetings card. Modifications include; snowflakes and snow dusting on lawn and bushes, removal of car and aerials on property, addition of low sun and haze to produce winter ambience, illumination of light above door.

creative retouching

This client wished to create something special from an unremarkable shot taken on their wedding day. Their request was a black & white canvas with the champagne colour singled out, typically known as a 'colour splash'. A guest's hand that was straying into the frame also had to be removed meaning recreation of the flute base on the right was necessary.

creative retouching
I can create stylish, contemporary artwork from very ordinary shots. whether for editorial/publishing use or to commission a bespoke graphic portrait, contact me and lets talk ideas. your photo into graphic art



Whether transporting a person from one picture to another, placing a product packshot in a different environment or splicing sections of different photographs etc. Whatever elements you need bringing together, I can deliver finely blended results.

The brief for this project on the right, was to create imagery that showed how a proposed development was to fit within the existing skyline. I was required to photograph the architect's scaled model along the same line of sight as the panoramic, then splice the two pictures together accurately. Fenestration, colour changes and other blending were then applied.

This simple image was created to accompany a number of advert concepts. The proposed advertising needed to convey the joy/warmth/magic of spreading. The packshot was added and its perspective manipulated to sit realistically in the scene.

composite retouching


As a guide, basic retouching prices start from £20. However, due to the nature of this work each project is quoted on an individual basis. I appreciate the wide range of budgets available for different projects and I can often offer creative options to fit whatever costs you have in mind. Please contact me to discuss your requirements.



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